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eMerge Career Education, is licensed as an educational institute by the Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education, raising the bar on post- secondary options available to students with disabilities graduating from high school and uncertain of the next steps. eMerge provides high quality technical education and personal skills development for students with disabilities looking for pathways to employment. It prepares job seekers for careers, not just a lifetime of entry level jobs.

eMerge Career Collaborative (eMerge) offers a robust schedule of transformational, certificate-based job training aligned with employment opportunities in four high-growth sectors of the economy: technology, manufacturing, and healthcare and hospitality. Each track leads to an industry-standard certification, such as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), or the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) which demonstrates to a future employer that the eMerge student has the content knowledge, hands-on technical training, and personal and professional skills required for employment and career advancement.

The eMerge model offers a learner-focused alternative for ability-diverse students who may have had negative experiences in traditional educational settings. eMerge instructors are credentialed, college-level subject-matter experts, experienced in working with varied learning styles. Students are assigned a Success Coach who supports their goals, from admissions to employment, upon enrollment.

A recent study from the American Institutes for Research found that the top occupations for people with disabilities are low-wage jobs: positions like janitors, cashiers, laborers and house cleaners. eMerge is committed to providing the technical education and the workplace skills navigation instruction so that people with disabilities may rise above low-end jobs to career building positions that earn a living wage. eMerge offers innovative educational programs taught to industry accepted certifications. Our vocational training programs—including those geared to environmental services—provide industry accepted certifications so that job seekers may advance on their chosen career path.

eMerge’s workplace readiness curriculum focuses on professional and personal growth emphasizing critical thinking, communication styles and leadership development. This collective effort to prepare job seekers for employment by elevating their interpersonal skills and equipping them with nationally recognized certifications may assuage any conscious or unconscious reservations an employer may have about hiring a person with a disability.

Employers recognize certifications as a credible, third-party assessment of an applicant’s skill and knowledge in a given subject. Reports from a survey of staffing agencies say that people who have a certification are twice as likely to be placed in a job, with 50% of applicants with certifications more likely to be hired full-time and receive wages 10-15% higher than employees without a certification. 

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