I’ve earned four Microsoft MTA Certifications, which are Windows Operating Fundamentals, Networking Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals, and Server Fundamentals.  I also learned how to refurbish, repair and optimize computer systems and rebuild or build hardware.  I am now a computer refurbishing professional.

Nick C.
Former eMerge Career Collaborative Technology Student,
Current Professional Computer Refurbishment Employee

MacDonald Training Center (MTC) dba eMerge Career Collaborative has really opened my eyes to the world of logistics.  I’ve learned that there are a lot of other people just like me that can do some things that I cannot do and some things that I can do! I’ve also learned what the different parts of a computer do.   All the people here are just so understanding, and they just are so nice to be around.

Andrew C. 
Former eMerge Career Collaborative Technology and Logistics Student,
Current Certified Logistics Employee.

I joined the eMerge Career Collaborative program and I now have all four of the nationally recognized Microsoft Certifications, WORD, PPT, Excel, and Outlook.

Genevieve M. 
Former eMerge Career Collaborative Technology Student,
Current Fine Arts