Career Development

Job seekers with a disability or barrier to employment have the opportunity to increase their chances of successful employment by enrolling in educational and vocational classes that offer the opportunity to become certified in a globally accredited program.

Workplace Navigation

Under the supervision of a board-certified behavior analyst, all students receive services, supports, and experiential opportunities, to enhance skills necessary for success in the workplace and other post-secondary education settings. Communication and interpersonal skills leading to job performance; financial literacy; public transportation management as well as job-seeking skills; and other “soft” life skills necessary for employment are integral to the training platforms.

Students participating in any eMerge program are included in professional skill development courses. These courses cover topics such as customer service; resume building, interview preparation, motivation assessments, skills and interests, career goals, conflict resolution, and building your network of supports.

Workplace readiness training is offered in a 2,500 sq. ft. “Connections” suite which includes a Classroom, “Studio Apartment,” and Student Union communal area to assist students with disabilities to develop the social skills necessary for employment and independent living.

Instruction in self-advocacy and peer mentoring will assist graduates to negotiate workplace culture by communicating their thoughts, concerns, and needs with individuals working in their area(s) of interest.

Students are paired with a Success Coach from Admission to Successful Employment in a unique and powerful relationship. Through education, dialogue, and goal setting, the Success Coach supports the student job seeker to reach his/her goal of employment.

The Success Coach assists the student to develop a resume, complete job applications and prepare for interviews. After a student finds employment, the Success Coach will work one-on-one with the student at the job site until the student is comfortable and able to perform job responsibilities on his or her own.

Once employed the Success Coach remains a valuable resource for both the employee and employer for the duration of employment.

Internships and On-The-Job Trainings

eMerge Career Collaborative students interested in a career in technology may participate in MTC’s eQuality Recycling refurbishment training. Students participate in a paid internship, which includes hands on training in diagnostic testing, hard drive sanitation, computer component repair, downloading and testing new operating systems on computers, and online web store sales.

Students that are participating in our manufacturing and logistics courses can participate in a paid internship with MTC’s BET Logistics team.

** Limited Time Transportation Voucher Program **

eMerge recognizes that transportation is a major obstacle for people with disabilities who seek employment. If needed, eMerge Career Collaborative may assist graduates with transportation to their new workplace through a Voucher Program using ride-sharing services. This limited-time voucher system for new employees who do not have personal vehicles or other means to get to employment sites allows persons with disabilities the opportunity to work in a wider geographic area where regional bus routes may be limited. EMerge coordinates and administers the transportation voucher program with local para-transit, cab companies and Lyft Concierge Service. Eligibility is strictly monitored.