eMerge Career Education is provisionally licensed by the Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education, to provide classes in technology, environmental services in healthcare and hospitality.

The program provides a post- secondary option for individuals with disabilities who seek careers, not a lifetime of entry- level jobs. The concentrated program is focused on growing sectors of the Florida economy, surmounts barriers that may discourage individuals with disabilities from seeking employment, and bridges the gap between job seekers with disabilities and available jobs in the community. This initiative overcomes barriers by providing globally accredited high- quality education, personal skills development, work experiences, and needed supplemental supports to people who are seeking employment and who have a disability.

eMerge Career Education has three state of the art computer labs that each house up to 8-10 desktop computers and a smart board for an enhanced instruction model. In addition to the learning spaces and computer labs, eMerge Career Education has a VITA lab where students can practice their interview skills with a state-of-the-art virtual avatar program that prepares students for all possible interview situations.


eMerge Career Education is an intensive program which requires completion of industry courses as well as employment preparation courses, work-simulation experiences, self-advocacy, peer-mentoring, independent living and social skills training Participants may obtain:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist certification with an understanding of office applications, networking basics, electronic communication, and the internet.

  • IC3 Digital Literacy Certification Courses

This globally recognized certification provides knowledge in the most critical elements of technology today. The course reviews computer hardware, software programs, operating systems, computer applications, and the use of the internet and social media.

  • Microsoft Office Specialist benchmarks include the successful completion of course work in Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point.
  • A+Comp TIA is a natural evolution of MacDonald Training Center’s eQuality Solutions, electronics recycling vocational skills training. Our current training is to industry standards including OSHAS10 and Microsoft Refurbishment certification, R2, ISO, and OHSAS (800) standards.

Courses are taught by highly motivated and experienced college-level instructors familiar with the different learning styles of people with disabilities. Instruction includes classroom and applied lab hours. Most courses are held Monday-Friday, from 9 -2 p.m. Some classes are available for both in person or remote attendance.

Environmental Services in Healthcare and Hospitality

eMerge & MCC (Moffitt Cancer Center)’s Environmental Service Program / ISSA Certified Custodial Technician

This unique collaboration with Moffitt Cancer Center (MCC) teaches and certifies students the industry’s best practices in sanitation, customer service, safety and health, and employer expectations. Program completion and graduation can be used as the six-month work experience requirement for MCC’s Environmental Services Technician 1 position. Students who are participating in the eMerge healthcare and hospitality courses learn and master skills in a state-of-the- art simulated Moffitt Cancer Center patient room. In this lab, space students can practice the industry’s best sanitation techniques, learn the standards that must be met for a discharge hospital room cleaning, and understand what sort of customer service needs must be met in a healthcare setting.

Training in a fully outfitted mini-hospital room-controlled environment allows for more comprehensive learning than hectic on-the-floor training, particularly for those with cognitive or sensory challenges making them more sensitive to outside distractions. This is a unique and innovative opportunity for people with disabilities, allowing many individuals who might otherwise remain entry-level workers to develop their skills and ultimately move into higher paid jobs that are part of a real strategy for career advancement.